Willow tree wellness

499 Stevens Ave -- Suite 201 -- Portland, Maine 04103


Kirk Underwood is a passionate body worker specializing in treating injuries, headache release/prevention, and overall body functionality. Kirk studied massage at Spa Tech Institute where he learned techniques ranging from Swedish, reflexology, myo-fascial, neuromuscular, polarity, pregnancy, infant, oncology, deep tissue, chair massage, positional release, and more. 

Kirk is committed to providing outstanding sessions for each of his clients. He takes the time to tailor his sessions based on each client’s needs to achieve maximum results. If you are looking to treat an injury, improve your health, achieve a more balanced lifestyle, or simply to take needed time for yourself, Kirk is here to help.

When Kirk is not working with his clients, he can be found playing music with his acoustic group Northwood and with his sister’s band Shanna Underwood and Wanderlost. He also enjoys traveling, nature bathing, bowling, cooking, yoga, and spending time with loved ones.